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In a thousand years

Tear drops shatter-
like broken shards of glass.

My heart ceases to beat-
beneath the misery.

The somber raven-
pecks at my soul.

My very core-
is numb with your lies.

The charred embers-
of all the we were.

In a thousand years-
my apocalyptic sun won’t matter.

In a thousand years-
we won’t even be a memory.

In a thousand years-
your betrayal won’t sting.

In a thousand years-
I will finally be free.

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I understand you can’t make time for me.
But could you just hear my plea?
My heart is breaking you see
I’m drowning in misery.
Surely you would see–if you had time for me.
Hope may float, but I don’t have long.
Do you hear that beautiful sorrowful sound?
It is the song of my shattered soul–it is almost at a crescendo.
I am sure you could hear it if you stopped to listen.
Well I am sorry I took up your time.
I know it is valuable to you.
Maybe someday soon you can make me some room on your never ending calendar of to do.
Maybe some day soon you will stop and soothe my wounds.
But I understand you can’t make room for me today.
I will see myself out of your way.


Everywhere I go-
Kicked to the side-
Living in shadow.

Trying to fit in-
Trying to find my spot-
Yet constantly left behind-

Sitting in the corner
Watching the happiness pass
Wondering why no one likes me
And treats me with such hostility.

What did I ever do to you
to deserve no love.
What did I ever say to you
to not receive a shred of humanity.
What did I ever do
but show up and try to befriend you?

Heaven’s Wrath

I remember when skies were clear~
before Mama shed any tears.
But then the sky grew dark~
stole my breath~
and stilled my heart.

Weather man said run away~
Mama screamed we can’t stay.
Searching for shelter~
from the deadly weather.
Heaven’s wrath no longer at bay.

Thirty seconds pass~
feeling like eternity.
I pray for salvation~
for Mama and me.