I can breathe

Tired of being a lemming~
tired of following the crowd~
afraid of voicing ideas before~
but no more~
today I shout!

You say I am wrong~
my ideas flawed~
not how it should be done~
But who are you?
Did you make up the rules?
Are you the authority?
If it works why is it wrong?
Just because it is not what you choose?
Humans make up the rules as they go.
I refuse to stand in your shadow~
Into the sun I will walk with my ideas held high.


2 thoughts on “I can breathe

  1. I liked the idea behind the second stanza: “…not how it should be done…but who are you?” So much of art (and life, for that matter) is a wonderful, beautiful, scary foray into personal experience.
    Nicely done! I’ve published poetry both on & off-line and am currently working on a couple of dark fiction projects…connect with me if you get the chance at http://about.me/tim.ouellette I found you on twitter as well. Happy writing!

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