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New poem

The remnants of my life~
lay scattered on the floor.
can I say anymore?

My scars bleed excessively ~
because they are so deep.

My heart still beats~
beneath shattered remnants ~
a story left to be told~
a love never allowed to grow.

Poison in my veins.


Poem Tidbit

You want closure you can never have~
because in the back of your mind it festers and bleeds~
haunts you in your sleep~
waking you up~
always leaving you wondering WHY.

New Poem

Letting things gnaw at me~
until I can’t breathe~
when oh when will my misery end?
When will I see the forrest and not just the trees?

Shackles of life~
feel heavy and cold~
when will they break~
and release my soul?


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