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Do you like my poetry?

Erosion of the Heart is available in eBook format.  (Paper will come soon)

Some reviews:  “It was gut wrenching at times and heart breaking for me and some even brought a tear to my eyes.”

“This is a very emotional collection of well written poems. If you like poetry, you will want to read these with a handkerchief handy. Enjoy…”

“A very personal collection of poems. Had some rather good lines.”


Quick Poem 45

Spending money I don’t have~
on things I don’t need~
just to drown out your memory.

My heart beats~
but it bleeds~
deep in its cavity. 

The misery you caused~
is second to none~
and it has me on the run.

Random Poem I wrote

The shackles of lies drag me under the waves~
The feeling I cannot escape.
Sorrow my lament~
Suffocating under duress .
How my heart is full of loneliness.